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Intellectual Property Contentious (litigation)
Non-contentious (advisory)

The growth of both global brands and technology-related fields has made IP one of the most important issues for major companies in Russia as elsewhere.

We advise on the full range of IP issues from conducting due diligence exercises for IP assets to protecting IP against infringement.

Our IP services enable international companies to manage their IP issues relating to the commercial use of Russian products abroad, as well as foreign products in Russia. We advised and led on a number of joint venture projects between international and local partners, involving transfer of breakthrough telecommunications and transport technology. In addition, we support domestic Russian companies in the Russian market with everything from manufacturers' identification marks, firm names, trademarks and designs. Also, we regularly represent clients in the sphere of copyright.

Clients include Microsoft, Efes, PalmOne, Russian Standard as well as a famous Russian singer Glukoza.